Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baskets And Blooms

This is the Blue and White Basket. Blue Sunriver Daisys and White Pansys with Blue painted faces.
Its the coolest basket of the garden with the two tones only, contrasting to the Reds, oranges, and yellows of the other baskets.
I do love baskets for the colour, and movement of the foliage and flowers.
You just need to remember to keep watering them.
The Tomatos are growing nicely, the tumbling Toms and the Matsoka.
I cannot wait to pick them off the plant and eat them in situ.
We had the house Landlord visit and he told us we have two Apple Trees, one Plum Tree, and a Peach Tree (which did not flower at all this year). The Quince looking fruit is a Japanese Japonica
With the Veg growing in the raised borders it will be a productive summer.


Lesley said...

The pansies and daisies make a lovely combination. I've often seen those daisies in gardening magazines but never got round to growing them. Your photo has reminded me! :)

Anonymous said...

The peaches only grow on second year growth. They will be reddish shoots. It needs to be kept pruned about half its natural height and spread to promote new growth and make the peaches easy to harvest.