Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Floral Art And Tennis

This beautiful pink flower was growing at Hils the other day. When we stopped for lunch I took a few photos of her flowers. I think this is a Chrysanthenum. The structure and colours are so intricate. You could paint a picture just of the concentric flower petals and the inner stamens stained with yellow.

I am off work today, but the temperature outside is soaring around 26 degrees centigrade. Sweat pours off you even just standing still. I am staying indoors away from the searing heat.
I went to have my eyes tested, and new glasses made. I want to be able to see the garden birds from the window without resorting to the binoculars.
I am typing this and watching Andy Murray play his Wimbledon quarter final. It has been good for British tennis having a player who can compete with other world class players.
The Strawberrys will be flowing at the old England club in south west London. Im working tomorrow then I have three days to goto the new Allotment to continue the slow transformation from wilderness to productive plot.
I may grow Chrysanthenums at the allotment, as well as traditional Vegetables.

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Bren Haas said...

Thanks for sharing ... these are wonderful! Happy Summer to you - lovin' your blog this summer.
Bren in the BGgarden