Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fruit

This garden will be the most productive one I have been in. I moved my Strawberry planter bag and have eaten the first Strawberrys of the year. I love eating them off the plant. The raised beds at the back of the garden have more Strawberrys too.

There are Fruit trees in the garden that the Landlord had planted. Apple pie anyone? These are growing at the back of the garden by the raised beds. I have never grown Apples before. There is another bigger Apple tree with less fruit, a Peach tree that has not done anything, and the white Cherry blossom tree was actually a Plum tree.

The Raspberry canes I got from Walton allotment have started to fruit. This is the first Raspberry nearly ready to eat. I discovered last year how much I enjoyed eating them. It was a revelation, because before I had only eaten Raspberry Yoghurt if that was the last one left.

A Current Bush grows by the back fence under the side of the Butterfly Bush. I do not know what it is. They are very acidic in taste. Maybe a Red Current or Black Current?There was no label. What do you do with the Currents? Do people have recipies that use these berryies?
This year will be very productive. Lots of Jams, Crumbles, Pies, and maybe Country Wines.
The longest day of the year was on Sunday. the days are shortening now. Summer is here..

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