Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cats Hostas

Growing in pots by the back gate are five large pots with Hostas in. Originally Cat dug them up from her old house and stored them in pots ready for the move. They started to flourish like never before. The damage previously terminal, caused by slugs and snails was reduced to almost no damage.

These Asian Herbaceous Perennials are named after an Austrian botanist called Nicholas Thomas Host. They were introduced first to the Jardin Des Plantes in Paris sometime in the 1780's. Later around 1820 a man called Siebold began sending shipments of Hostas back from Japan. More influxes of Hostas continue, and they have been extensively hybridised.

I love the grand sized leaves, and the flowers like the white and lilac ones photographed here. They are shade loving plants and grow year after year. They like cool damp conditions. The fence is shaded for much of the day. They have the most amazing waterproof leaves. They catch the rain water and direct it down the curved leaves to the stems that are like waterslides. I stood pouring water out just to see how the leaves funnelled the water to the base of the plant.
I read there is one called August Lilly that has scented flowers. I will look for it for Cat. There is a large clump of Hostas by the vegetable bed and it needs digging out after it has died back to be put into pots.
The expanse of Patio puts off the Slugs and snails. These Hostas are lovely to look at by the kitchen door.

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