Sunday, June 07, 2009

Butterfly Night

I have finished four nights now, and have slept most of today. I have had problems getting on the internet this last week too.
This is a Butterfly on the Lilac a month ago. It has been raining hard since yesterday. The water buts are full to bursting now again, after we emptied one during the week of scorching sunshine.
I need to photograph the garden tomorrow, to show the flowers that are blooming in the borders and baskets. Baby Goldfinches have been in the garden at the feeders, watched by their attentive parents.
My Roses have bloomed, and the mystery Clematis on the Pergola has opened up today. There is so much to blog about!
June brings us the start of the summer, with Roses in bloom in many gardens that I have walked past.
Its good to be online again!

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