Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Four B's

The new border is finally been dug, along the edge of the retaining wall. I have planted two Rose bushes, some Grasses, Verbenas, Geraniums, and Cerinthes. It has been hot for about five days now. Not a drop of rain in sight.

The mystery plant growing under the Apple Tree is this Bachelors Button, or Centauri. The flower buds look like scaly hand grenades, before the Blue petals burst outwards, like a firework.

A baby Blackbird chick found its way into the flower border by the fence. It chirped away, and the parents continued to fly into the flowers and feed him. We helped him back into the Fir Trees to stop him being eaten by any predators. When he fell he damaged his leg so I dont know if he will survive to adulthood.

Bargains is the final B. The plant stall at Walton Village hall made a whopping £600 during a boiling hot sunday. Luckily the tables were underneath the tall shady trees. We sold for five hours and sold the majority of the plants.
I'm going back to work nights later. My week off has been full of colour, flowers, and sunshine.

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clairesgarden said...

well done raising all that money!
think your mystery plant is a monarda, or bee-balm. I have it too.