Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lemonade On The Rose Bench

This Wasp was sunbathing himself yesterday on the New Potato leaves in the grow bags. He was joined by bee's and large flys. Maybe these leaves were warm, the soil in the pots was warm to touch as the suns rays warmed.
Thanks for all the comments, six overnight.They are like buses, either none come, or a half dozen come in one day :)
The wasp reminds me that I have to take time to enjoy the garden. Sitting still does not come very natural to me. I am always flitting between job to job. I saw a beautiful Rose Flower bench in Wilkos. My treat after these night shifts will be to buy it and put it at the back fence facing towards the door. I am looking up home made Lemonade Recipes, if anyone has good ones comment or email.
Maybe a bench and fresh lemonade will help me sit a while and watch the flowers, bee's, birds, and wasps....
Three more nights to go before I can garden/allotment again!

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