Saturday, May 24, 2008

Urban Oasis

The camera is about half the size of the old one and is easily carried in my work bag. I saw these gorgeous white and pink Aquilegias growing on a rooftop garden on the way to work.
I have sown some seeds in the garden randomly to try to grow these pretty self seeding flowers. Its fun how they self seed and cross pollinate to make new wanderful coloured flowers.
They can cross pollinate within a half mile radius too, so keep your varieties well seperated unless you like natural selection like me, and seeing what colours develop.
I have written a post for the Arena Flowers website, a Florists Blog.Here is the link:
I hope people leave comments on it so I can see their floral memorys. Did you Grandparents grow lots of Columbines in their garden? Or Dahlias...?
Flowers can spark our memories with their shape, colour, or scent....
I got up at half three and refilled all the bird feeders. I have a small flock of juvenile House Sparrows now who have been gamboling around the garden. Every fence, pot, bird table, and cane is a new perch for them to sit on.
The neighbours have been cutting the Privet hedge down. Only two houses have the thirty foot hedge now for the birds to hide in. My garden is truly an oasis and haven for the garden birds, both inside and along the back edge.
Some bird photos tomorrow that i have taken today :)

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