Saturday, May 03, 2008

Flower Power And Black Magic

A quick post before I go back to work.I was looking at Msn when I stumbled on this flower video about a lady who recycles flowers from celebrity parties and corporate events.
She sorts through them, then reproduces them into new displays for volunteers to distribute to the Elderly and the less fortunate.
The old ladies smiles in the video are priceless.I hope the embedded video works.
My photo is Hil's Dark Tulip outside the back of her house.I am a big fan of Dark Tulips.This one has a chocolate/red/black glow.Like a box of Black Magic chocolates!
In the age of Green Awareness and global economy it is an unusual recycling story.The flowers themselves are what brings the smiles as the Lady said.she felt it when she was stood in the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York.I feel it whenever I see flowers, in my garden, or out and about, even in other peoples gardens (I look always at what people have planted and how they are growing).
Time for work now, more posts soon :)

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