Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wild Flowers And Allotment

Two nights down, two to go..I went to the allotment this morning to water the plot and to see what was growing.
Everything looked healthy including the weeds but the plants look lovely.
Potatoes poking through the mound were covered up The courgette plants are getting larger. The strawberrys look like they have settled in along the courgette bed.
The Onions and Garlic have healthy green strap leaves growing skywards. The Cabbages and Brussel Sprout plants are looking stronger from the full sunshine up there.Not too much slug damage, and a lady donated me netting to keep the pidgeons feeding off the baby leaved plants.
The slow starters are the Peas, carrots, and Beans, but they will hopefully start to catch up soon.The Runner beans are also hidden in the soil not showing any signs of germination.
I will be able to get back on Tuesday for some weeding and watering.The sun shines and I'm asleep. I had to go to see what was growing on..
The photo is of Queen Annes Lace. It is flowering en masse along the long alley below the hedge row. A Mock orange type of flowering hedge completes the white and green.
The QAL is so airy and has floaty flowers all around the wiry stems. I love the flowers, a real May bank holiday flower. Buttercups are in flower at the allotment and along the long causeway.
I want to stay awake for longer so i can see the flowers before I sleep.

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