Thursday, May 29, 2008

Green Day And Rain Daisy

Its been a busy day hence the late posting time. I went to the allotment for two hours with Cat and her son who was my little helper. We weeded and planted some onion sets, and I dug over mr Saddiq's overgrown bed.Three down, three to go. These Lupins were in flower in the community garden at the allotment...
I went plant shopping after the allotment for some Basil, two Blue Columbine wild flower plants, three large bags of potting compost, three Romantic sounding Dahlias, and a Black flowered Hollyhock.
The Dahlias in the packets were Dianas Memory (pink and white), My Love (pure white), and the Night Queen (crimson and burgundy).
On the way out of Hampsons I went to the mortuary trolley and rescued three African Cape Marigold plants, to try to revive them from neglect..

We went to Hils for a chinese dinner, where I took more plants from her. A tray of French Marigolds,Two Dahlias, and a Chocolate Cosmos. I have two long days at work and then the plant stall is on Sunday at Walton village hall.It started raining hard then.
When I got home the mortuary plants were trimmed and made beautiful.The Dahlia Tubers were planted in pots.
The Cape Marigolds nickname is quite apt: Rain Daisy.. photographed is one that has been brought inside from the pouring rain.
It is pouring down outside and the garden looks beautifully green tonight.

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