Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rain Rain

...Beautiful Rain.I was at work on my long 13 hour day when the heavens opened and rain fell lightly, then a bit more heavier.The first rain in about three weeks.I was so happy.The allotment will have been watered and some of the dustiness been absorbed into the water.
When plants are growing too much hot sun will kill them before they have grown on big enough to resist a water shortage.
The weed and the vegetable plants will have drank deeply from the cups of rain water after the recent hot days.
I will go up Monday to see what has grown in my abscence.I got my Strawberry plants from Hils and some Gem Squash from Pat.The latter have been repotted, watered, and put into the greenhouse to grow on.Ten Courgette plants are lining the edge of the left border and they are growing strongly.
The plan will be half a bed for Courgette, and half the bed for Squash.I have recycled compost bags to peg down over the beds to supress the weeds and keep the moisture in.I think I need some bottles to put upside down to water right to the roots of these water drinking plants.
This year has been so educational, with so many new plants being grown by me, that have bipassed me before.I was purely flowers before for their colour, form, scent, and I have added plants that are edible or scented, or that will attract wildlife.
I will try to embed a quick you tube video of my fav African band Ladysmith Black Mambazo.It is only 37 seconds long, but today as it rained I kept humming it.
Only gardeners pray for rain during a hot spell (and maybe farmers too).Another long day tomorrow for me.


Anonymous said...

Great song. Thanks for sharing. I saw LBM live at WOMAD years ago and they were fantastic. Very moving!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Tina,I am jealous!I was going to see them in Aberdeen when I was at University there.A family member of the band passed away and they all flew back to South Africa.I still hope to see them live one day!
They are amazing singers and the music can send shivers down your spine.I loved Homeless with Paul Simon and LBM,which works amazingly well.My fav one is Shosholoza which is very energy giving...