Friday, May 02, 2008

The Garden Today

Its the second of May and the sunshine has come out, with a few short lived showers.I have spent two days rearranging the garden, moving pots, making new planting combinations in the right border, and trying to sit still to admire the garden starting to bloom.The Tulips Toronto seem to sway between a red colour and an orange colour.The sunlight illuminates them on the left border and today they opened all their petals.

A sideways view from Wednesday.This Tulip has five flower buds protuding from one stem, the others have one or two only.This is a lucky Tulip to have so many flowers!

I put some plastic mesh plant support on the wall as the Honeysuckle is growing madly behind the Camellia.The Sweetpeas had fantastic roots when I planted them in a wigwam to the left of the photo.They will clamber up the climbing mesh, with the Rose in the middle, and the Honeysuckle scrambling all over the mesh.It should be nicely scented by the kitchen door.
The Hyacinths from Xmas are flowering and smell divine.When the breeze blows you can catch a whiff of the heady scent..

Inside the Empereor Fotheriana a different world, the world of the Macro shot. Purple, orange, lime green, and creamy white attract the pollinators into the garden.They are flying in lots now Bee's, wasps, and flys.

White Cups that have yellow bases, but almost a cream colour to them.These have flowered beautifully.Ten out of ten bulbs planted.The slugs and snails left these alone so they have large whole leaves.Perfect!

The White cups have an egg yolk splash at the base, which glows when the suns warm rays go through the flower petals.The Raspberry bush sneaks into the picture on the left.It has enjoyed the sunshine and is making flower buds on growth from last years canes!

Like stained glass window..

The right hand side with the Potato grow bags in the background.The Iceberg climbing Rose is finding its way up the Trellis. The Strawberry planter and African grow bags sit by the greenhouse on the raised pavers.
The first part of the right border near to the washing line has been replanted with a Hydrangea (with rusty metal at the roots for Blue flowers I hope), two Brooms, some Red and White Onions, Sage and Thyme seeds have been sown, along with French Marigolds.I have pea plants growing on the outside edge.I have just added some Beetroot plants.
The right border is a Butterfly/Cottage garden mix.I have wildflowers (Teasel and Red Valerian), a Butterfly Bush, Purple Coneflowers, Cornflowers, Lavenders, Rosemary, Curly leaved Parsley, Chocolate Peppermint..
This year has proved that you can have a small garden but still plant it with lots of different varieties.My only problem is remembering what has gone where!
Four waves of planting have layered the garden so when it is in full bloom it will be densely planted.I hope it looks good through the coming summer.
What do you think of my garden today?


lisa said...

I think it looks terrific! I haven't been by in awhile, and you have made some great progress. In fact, I hardly recognize it from when you began...great job!

Philosophical Karen said...

I am remembering your photos of how it looked when you first moved in, an d oh my! It does look so much better.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Snappy it is a pleasure to visit your garden. Lovely tulips and great photos.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Nancy,I was dreaming about you yesterday.I must visit your blog when im off these darn night shifts!Then you left a comment :)
I would love more time, but need to work to buy more plants.I do put a lot into the garden...
Thanks Lisa,Im happy you can see the transformation.Gardening Alchemy,
Hi Karen,I remember vaguely too, but I see the garden every day.Its good sometimes to get other peoples view points.A new way of looking at the garden...
Thanks Titania, your comment is welcome.I love the Tulips too, this is the first time I have ever grown them.They are like Jewels in the garden.