Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lone Tulip

A lone Tulip that has not quite finished flowering yet.The rain is falling outside still, heavy rain. Everything looks very green. Only the Tulips, Brooms, and Salvia are in flower.
The allotment will be well watered now. I hope to go back up tomorrow if its not raining.
The plants will be drinking deeply after the three weeks of dry weather. I saw the Robin flying into the garden for a quick snack before darting off into the privet hedge.
I am going back to work for a long day.The garden is quiet except for the noise of the rain drops.


Anonymous said...

Like the new photo of you, thanks for saying hi to cat, i miss her at work...theres not many of us left lol, had a bad weekend its always good to see so much on your blog, and don't the birds love the fat balls and similar. I bought my granddaughter loads of young kids gardening stuff from victoria hope she likes it all she should be able to grow her own punmpkin amongst other things if all goes well. Had a break on my blog till today my son been in hospital. Our scarecrows will have to make friends lol

Anonymous said...

Queen of Night tulips are among my favorites. Good you got some rain, I could really need some here too!!!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Lynn,My first comment left for you dissapeared from the blog.Our scarecrows will have to be garden mates.Sorry to hear about your Son.I hope he recovers from his injurys.
The birds love all the food put out here.Libby should have the gardening bug soon and will hopefully learn about how plants and flowers grow.I hope the Pmpkin grows for Halloween to make a Jack O Lantern..
Thanks Niels,Its nice to have a comment from Denmark.We share a passion for the QOTN Tulip and Roses.I have nearly my first Rose of 2008, a scented yellow Rose.
I hope it opens as im at work so i can come back to see it.We have had three days of heavy rain so the ground looks lush and green.
I will follow your Roses via your blog :)