Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Colours From The Garden

This morning the sun was shining. Here are the few plants that are in flower at the moment. To start with the darkening coloured Queen Of The Night Tulip. I love their burgundy to black colour, beautiful cup shape, and the scent inside the cup is like Belgian chocolate, a rich, earthy smell which appeals to me, and to bee's.

Rescued from the empty houses garden next door. I jumped over my fence to reclaim these beautys, purple Violas with lilac, black, and yellow faces. They were growing on in the loose stones. They have been repotted to save them, and I will try to collect some seeds at the end of the summer to grow masses of them next year!

The Copper orange coloured Broom.The flowers are really that colour, but not quite fully open. They have a light sweet scent if you sniff the flowers. The Brooms sit on either side of the Hydrangea.

The white flowered Broom with masses of white flowers up and down the stems.These plants can grow very large and unwieldy over time. My two are baby plants so wont need trimming back for years. I love the flying V shape the plant has displayed.
There is so much more planted, but I need to be patient. I bought twelve Burgundy flowered Salvia's today, and sowed some seeds for Corn Flowers and California Poppies. The gardeners world Carol Klein sowed some at Berryfields. I thought I must try that, the Blues and Oranges completely contrasting.Watch this blog if they grow on.


Georgina said...

Hey Bruv'

Looks like your green fingers are working their magic :)

Sis x

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Jaws,My greenfingers just caress, the sunlight and good soil has done the rest.It is magic however when things grow well and flower.Manna from heaven :)