Thursday, May 15, 2008


The photo shows the Alium Globemaster at Hils front garden. I love the colour of the Euphorbia to the left and the neighbours Bluebells behind as a back drop, drawing the eyes to the pink flowering Aliums..
I was busy today in the garden in the morning, and at the allotment earlier this evening. I was the last to leave the allotment, indeed i was locked in!
I marked out and dug the sixth bed, ten feet by four feet ready for Runner Beans.
I watered the plants and seedlings, and weeded the Carrot rows with the sun setting behind me.
The two Rhubarbs in the garden will travel tomorrow to the allotment. Along with the Runner Bean Polestar seeds, and the Gooseberry bush. I extended the Rhubarb bed ready for the new arrivals this evening.
The First bed will be dug and weeded next week after my weekend at work.The Runner Beans need a frame to climb up.I will build a Frame with eight foot canes that Hil's donated to me this week.
I have seven or eight strawberry plants to plant in a bed but I do not know where that is yet! The allotment has been developed as I go along.
The Onions and Garlic have grown beautifully.The Potatoes are growing and are earthed up now in new mounds.The Carrots have germinated in two rows. The Peas and French Beans have begun to appear in the seed beds.
A Robin flew down today as I dug the allotment. A skinnier version of my garden bird. He sat on the bag and hopped around the newly dug bed.
I seem to attract the birds wherever I go now.I hope to photograph him soon.

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