Friday, May 09, 2008

Colours And Surprise Visitors

The colours of the left hand border. Two colours are from Xmas.They were planted in December, the Daffodils and the Pink Hyacinths.Secret Santa presents that have grown beautifully..

These Hyacinths are so fragrant.I think I prefer them in April/May in the garden, compared to forced ones around December/January. They have been attracting honey bee's this afternoon but they evaded being photographed.

The Paeony flower bud with a visitor clinging onto the bud.It looks like some kind of Ladybird.These are very welcome as I think I spotted aphids today laying eggs on the plants.Two of my seven Roses are developing flower buds now, on the Climbing Iceberg, and the Tea Rose bush nearest to the Viburnum.

At the bottom left hand corner these hover fly was buzzing around the flowering Ajuga Reptans. Hils gave me a second clump from her garden and nestled under the Viburnum and Paeonys it has grown beautifully spreading out in all directions.It has dense flowering spikes with these purple/lilac striped flowers.The hover fly was buzzing from flower column to column.He was like a Helicopter just hanging in the air.
I worked yesterday and felt too shattered today to go upto the allotment.Tomorrow will be an allotment day in the morning.
The two hot days of Sunshine are a memory now.It was cloudy and cool when I woke up earlier.The garden is looking lush and full of growth..

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