Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring Into Summer

The first blogged picture from my new Camera.I spent a few hours today trying to work it out.A Fuji Finepix s8000fd.
I'm 88 pictures into it now.I learn mostly by trial and error, and as a typical guy I will read the instruction manual afterwards :)
This cheery scarecrow came from poundland yesterday.With the summer flowers weeks away I thought I would add some colour.
I spent two hours today at the allotment (where does time go when you are up there?) watering the plants and planting seven Strawberry plants.I have thirteen plants in my garden tub planter and seven at the allotment.Strawberrys for Wimbledon!!
I'm back on four nights so I will have a blog siesta and be back on Tuesday.
The Queen Of The Night Tulips look sumptuous and seem to be getting darker daily.
A nice contrast between the Dark and the Colourful.The Camellia is wedged between the two opposites.
Everything seems to be growing well as Spring moves towards Summer.


Georgina said...

Cute scarecrow. bet it don't scare much though bruv!

thanks for the squirrel card - i've put it next to the flowers that scott sent me from new zealand - just regular flowers no fancy NZ versions.

even though i might give you a run for your money with flower photographs when i go to the auckland botanical gardens!

no fear really - your supremacy as garden-aholic-photo-aholic is safe!

sis x

Anonymous said...

Love your scarecrow...was due to go to Victoria g.c.this week but don;t think i can beat that one...hi to Cat

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Jaws,Hope you have a fab trip to New Zealand!Find some lovely Maori tattoo pics or some nice NZ seed packets for me to grow!Safe trip :)

Hi Lynn,I love your Scarecrow too, he would make a companion to the one I have!Hope you bought lots of nice goodies at Victoria GC.See you soon..said Hi to Cat from you.