Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recycling For The Eggplants

The sixth bed was finally dug today and most of the weeds pulled out. Five Holes were dug and filled with manure. I mounded them up and added cut plastic bottles turned to face the manure reserve under where the plants will go. My bed has four Courgette plants and one Butternut Squash plant. Later some Gem Squash will join them where there are gaps. I reused my compost bags to cover the plants and surrounding soil. I need to pin them down more tomorow.

I am trying the bottles and black plastic as an experiment. The Courgettes and Squash are thirsty plants and the bottles will direct the water to where the roots will be. The plastic will hopefully slow up the grasses and weeds that still lurk in the soil.
I spent four hours in the sun with Cat digging and planting the Courgette bed. Cat watered all the other raised beds, and weeded between the rows. I must get a Dutch Hoe to help us battle the ever present weeds.
The Pea's and French Beans have shown their heads through the soil. Mr Saddiq came up today after his holiday in Pakistan. I bartered if we dug his beds over for him he could get a compost bin for our plot. His black compost bin was like an oven today, there was even an any nest with larvae and lots of workers enjoying the warmth of the decomposing refuse.
In ten weeks I have transformed the wilderness into six vegetable beds, with paths between them.The hard work of digging is over untill the autumn. Its now about watering, weeding, and shaping the end section.
I want to put a level base down in preperation for a small shed.maybe six foot by four foot with a window. Somewhere to store tools, twine, pots, chairs to sit on, and a little gas burner for hot water to make fresh coffee...
Cat started the clearance of Mr Saddiq's neglected plot around the two grape vines. His soil is much richer than mine and falls away under the fork. I have said I will plant things in his beds. Onions and Courgettes to start.
I have used his watering can to start my vegetable seeds and plants, and rested on his chair.My green fingers will revive his one third of the plot.
Its good having a plot neighbour who is very amiable. He gave us some beautiful Spring Onions for making into a curry. I will cook some Dhall (lentil and onion curry) tomorrow with some rice.
My observation up at the allotment is that time passes so quickly when you are absorbed in the allotment. Four hours passed in the blinking of an eye.
I'm about to watch more of the Chelsea flower show. Hope all your gardens/plots are growing well.


Anonymous said...

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Georgina said...

Mr Saddiq sounds very nice :)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Westfalia,Nice comment/plug for that garden site.Do I get a discount now :)

Hi Jaws,He is very amiable, but a silent partner mostly..