Friday, May 16, 2008

Buttercups, And Beans

A day spent at the allotment in the morning, and in my garden this afternoon. Seven hours today before work tomorrow for two long days. Everything is coming along. A small sea of Buttercups were in flower, nodding in the wind. It was cloudy all day and cold compared to the usual warmth of the past week. Cat took some photos including the Buttercup.

The allotment at Friday afternoon.The Runner beans have been planted under the new seven feet high A frame.The donated eight foot canes tied together with garden twine. I had to stretch high in the air to tie the twine. Six dug beds, five have been planted. Its amazing the transformation within two months. I have used a lot of my days off to make the beds from the overgrown plot.

Putting up the A frame, a work of art. The Runner Beans Polestar will clamber up the poles I hope. Two rows were planted under the poles. Its a photo showing up the plot towards Mr Saddiqs compost bin. A small sliver of black membrane covers the last undeveloped section.The Buttercups are just in shot.
I want to put a six by four base in preperation for a shed. I still need to prepare a Strawberry bed, dig the furthest bed ready for Courgettes and Squash, and plant my Gooseberry bush which is developing fruit like mad even when pot bound.
The two Rhubarbs from the garden are now up at the plot, joining the two crowns already up there.

The allotment last night after my evening dig. I spent three and a half hours up there last night digging the new Runner Bean bed, weeding, and watering.The same Robin from last night was there today sitting on the new cane structure.
All across the allotment these cane structures are being erected. People are bringing plants up grown from home and planting them. I need to buy a hoe to save my back and to weed the beds. We did it by hand today pulling up annual weeds,dockleaves and thistles.
The afternoon to evening was spent tidying the garden up, repotting Tomato plants,watering the dry soil, and planting my new plants from the other day.
A perennial Foxglove, three Purple Cone Flowers, three Cerinthe's, and two Hollyhocks that will have gorgeous dark burgundy flowers...
Night is falling and the garden and allotment are growing. My camera is very dodgy now with the LCD viewer all blurry, the USB cable not uploading properly, and the shutter button not clicking properly. Sigh, just after the warranty expires, but it has taken tens of thousands of pictures, virtually every day for over a year.
What do bloggers think the best affordable digital camera is? I will be looking for a new one tonight because a photo is worth a thousand words.


Unknown said...

I like the term "courgettes." That sounds so much better than "eggplant," as we call it here!

I'm no help on the camera, though, I'm afraid. Mine is OLD...

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Kim,I think Eggplant is funny sounding lol.I dont know where Courgette comes from, it sounds French to me.I have ten plants growing on the patio along the left border as a decorative feature, waiting to go to the allotment four lucky plants.
My camera is working but only just.I cannot use the electronic view finder and the LCD screen eats so much battery it would not be able to take 339 photos at a flower show or at Harlow Carr...
A new camera has been ordered.I will register it though to get the warranty for one repair.I love taking photos between gardening..