Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bachelors Button

I had gremlins today preventing me from uploading pictures to the computer from the camera.I spent three hours this morning up at the allotment.
Watering, weeding, cutting the grass by hand, and turning the two unplanted beds.The first dug bed will be the last planted as it needs digging over before the Brussel Sprouts and Courgettes can be planted.
I went to a Barbeque tea at Cats parents.I photographed this handsome Bachelors button nestled between a Cherry Blossom tree and a Rhodadendron.
The sun was shining most of the day.I prayed when it rained for sun, and now its been sunny for days my allotment needs some rain!The weather likes to tease us gardeners..
The weeds have come back with a vengeance as I predicted.The allotment has at least two years of annual weed seeds in the soil.Turning it has germinated loads of them.
The most prickly weed is the thistle.I have been stabbed lots by the sharp needles of these plants today.Blood, sweat, and soil mixed on my hands!
The onions have started growing, and a few potatoes were showing signs of growth.The Carrots, French Beans, and Peas are not evident yet.One garlic clove has germinated and has sent growth up.
I realised today it will be hard going trying to make the neglected plot productive.I will keep trying to grow some organic vegetables up there.Autumn will see me trying to improve the soil more to break the clay up.Its sodden during the rain, and bone dry in the hot May sunshine..
Monday will be a planting day for the Cabbages that I sowed months ago.They have been tended in the cold frame, greenhouse, and now outside on a coffee table, with their green collars to keep the slugs off.


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Nice Hobbies....

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Nice Hobbies.

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