Monday, May 05, 2008

After The Rain

The Maori style tattoo's on the Tulip leafs balance the fallen raindrops on them. These are red flowered Tulips but have not quite opened yet.
I caught three slugs and a snail who were revelling in the wet conditions.The Toronto Tulips have been battered by the rain, and only one is left standing upright.They are punch drunk, reeling,and mostly horizontal now.
The Apple tree has a red flower bud on it, and one of my Rose bushes has developed a rose bud above the top leaves. How it developed without me seeing it is a mystery.
A garden unwatched grows faster I think. I love my daily walk around it after the night shift. The birds are singing outside as I type these words.
I love my photo that I took with tired eyes.It captures a moment from the garden this morning after the rain.


Karen said...

What a lovely shot of the rain and the tulip leaf
An Artist's Garden

Sylvana said...

Nice shot! I love these tulips with the "tatooed" leaves. It adds a lot of extra interest to the garden.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Karen,I love the photo too.It kind of worked out even though I aimed for the leaves with the rain drops.It captured the delicate petals of the unopened Tulip..
Thanks Sylvana,Long time no hear!I think Tulips are like the Jewels of the spring garden.their blooms are gorgeous in shape and colour.No wander the Dutch traders went mad for them in the 17th century :)