Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tomato, Seeds, and Cakes

Here is my first picture of a tomato grown from store bought tomato ,seeds scooped from a big beefsteak Tom. It is nearly as big as its parent tomato!!!

Another one is changing colour too. I think I will make a BLT to celebrate, my windowsill ripened tom's..

I finished five days of work today. I had a violin lesson, then I baked fourty eight little cakes and a victoria sponge cake. Jessica (chopper noppers) is one year old today.

The house will be full and there is enough food to feed a small army. I have retreated from baking, its nearly 2am...

I got some FREE seeds today from a lady at work. I now have packets of sweet pea's, poppies, cornflowers, nicotiana, and best of all Heuchera Sioux falls, I was eyeing up the Heuchera's in the garden centre as plants for the long border. Dual purpose with flowers and great foliage.

I will reply to all the comments tomorrow (in a few hours really). My pansys have started to germinate and one solitary hollyhock.Im determined to grow a few Hollyhocks but have been dogged with bad seedlings so far. As the saying goes if you dont succede at first try and try again... Failing that go to the garden centre and buy a small plant ha ha..

Two days off bliss, to recharge my batteries, take lots of pics, and see what needs doing in the garden. The amount of day light is lessening so i need to be organised. The colder nights have started, the frost will be soon upon us. Bad for summery plants but good for dormant bulbs to start yawning before they wake up.


Anita said...

Hope you have a great birthday party today and some relaxing days afterwards! I have still tomatoes outside but as it is getting colder and colder, I guess I should harvest them all very soon.

Carol Michel said...

You are one busy gardener and baker! Enjoy that BLT.

Lynne said...

yes!!! a BLT is a must!!!! YUM.

Philosophical Karen said...

Now I am hungry for a bacon sandwich. I haven't had English bacon in 15 years. It is so much better than the bacon here.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Anita, the birthday party went well.I eventually hid upstairs when i was tired..
Carol,I enjoy both though.The baking cakes has just developed from reading about some on a blog, so it makes you eager to try out some recipe!
Lynne, it is a great sandwich the BLT!!
Karen,Have you been away that long?Tell me when you coming and we can have bacon sandwiches and a cup of tea!!