Saturday, October 14, 2006

October Shades

The colours in the garden are so lovely, the contrast between the flowers and the foliage. As Autumn moves in Natures pallette changes to hues of reds, browns, and oranges. The season has changed gradually between summer to Autumn. The Cottinus looks very smokey, the Nasturtium very green, and the rose's are still beautiful!!


lisa said...

WOW! I am SOOOO jealous of your beautiful colors!! I can't complain like the folks in New York (12" of snow), but it's gotten quite frigid here, and we got a dusting of snow...@ 1/2"....bummer!! Oh well, my daydreams of "garden future" will get lots of time....:)

Anonymous said...

Pretty little Rose amongst the busy lizzies:)

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lisa,The colours are slowly fading thoughn in the garden.I might have to go plsnt shopping for some new bedding plants for winter.I will have plenty of time to dream and plan..
Beverly, the combination came about by accident.I had some cat damage and they left a hole in the middle of the border.I used the busy lizzie to fill the hole, and it has spread out under the orange tea rose.The colours work well!