Saturday, October 07, 2006

Full House/Green house

Its Saturday evening now. The house is full of noisy kids, baby, and adults. I had the sweetest visitor come into the house. I loved the cute kitten, but Cara hissed at it. I left kitty some food and water, and hope he/she finds their way back home. Sallyanne said not another cat!!
Mat has fixed Sallyannes laptop so i can download my pics to it. Hence twelve pics today.
The greenhouse i found is still for Sale. I am hopefully going to see it next week, dismantle it, then bring it back to Castleford. It was Peggys idea in a comment to look for a second hand greenhouse, as the new ones are way beyond our means.Fingers crossed...
Thanks for the comments on proud bird. Sallyanne will read it later.
One day of holiday left before im back to work. Its been a gardening week, revamping the borders, moving compost to add soil height, and planning for next year.
Does anyone know what the monarda seeds look like? I have several drying flowerheads on the plant.They will be winging their way to Ireland, the emerald isle...
Thats what pictured. The original mystery plant, named, and flowering beautifully when everything else is running out of steam.


Peggy said...

Hey! Good luck with the greenhouse hunting! You will keep us updated, right?

roybe said...

Great to hear you might be getting a greenhouse Snappy. If you do don't forget to buy a Hoya , they are fascinating plants. The swedes are barmey about them. You should look up enjoy the autumn.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Peggy,I will keep you updated about the green house..
Roybe Will check out the Hoya's when im off..will enjoy Autumn.