Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Whats on your windowsill?

The brightness of the Nasturtium flower contrasts to everything else that is slowing down.We are still waiting for the first frost, its getting nippy at night, but not freezing.

The windowsill has the most going on with baby mother in laws tongues, winter pansy seedlings, hollyhock seedlings, the Amaryllis plant, the leaf grown african violet, an easter cactus, a kalancoe in a pot, the big mother in laws tongue, my hydrangea cutting, and a volunteer tomato plant from the frontwindow border..

Cara says miow for all her comments.She feels hungary all the time but she is in no danger of dissapearing.

Im back on night shifts for next three nights.I will take some photos soon off whats growing today and post them.

The tree's are slowly turning into browns, reds, and yellows.The change has been gradual due to the warm temperature i think.More post soon!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha - I daren't tell you whats on my window sill, well I guess I can tell you whats on there but I'm not telling you what condition they are in! I have 2 Begonias and " Christmas Cacti. I'm afraid the potting shed is out of action for some reason so I'm speaking from the hills today.

David (Snappy) said...

Nice new blog,UK bob.Thats what you will do with no grand prix.go hill walking :)

Janice said...

Amazing color! I've just been posting about color on my blog. :o)