Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fall Leaves

Here are some nice colours, opposite where my bus stop is outside the hospital that i work in.
All the horse chestnut tree's are bright now in yellows and browns, conkers lie on the floor, beneath a soft bed of leaves.There is not enough to kick through yet, thats my favourite time in Autumn..
I have worked past seven out of nine days hence blog output has slowed.I have two days off to reaquaint myself with the garden and take some arty pictures!!
The house has quiet, Kelly and Baby Jess have moved back to Leeds.The birthday party stuff has been cleaned up.My seeds are growing nicely on the windowsill.I ran out of money for greenhouse, due to violin lessons!!
Im happy with what i have got for plants and seedlings.The tomato's are ripening slowly.The hydrangea looks perky in the window.Im happy the cutting has finally developed.They are best taken in spring not summer.It has been a slow developer but at least i kept it alive for all these weeks!!I can dream about blue flowers now in the summer...
I have to photograph my seed packets I got from work.A lovely selection.Ooops I left my strawberry plants at work.I have about 12 by the backdoor.What to do with them to over
the winter??
More posts tomorrow, im on days off, yipeee!!

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