Saturday, October 21, 2006

Working hard..

The garden is growing as i have been at work. I brought more strawberry plants back home from Angela. I ate a few today that were ripened. They were lovely..
I have to bring in the self seeded tomato plant and put it onto the windowsill.
The pansy are developing on the kitchen windowsill.The monarda seeds have done nothing yet..
Im closely watching the hydrangea for progress of the new growing tips..
I have just been watching the leaves change colour, and fall off the tree's. Looking at flowers in peoples gardens. Dreaming about next years borders. Have a day off monday before nights so posts might get a bit thin!!


Anita said...

You ate strawberries in October? Nice! I discovered a green one at my strawberry bed as well today, but I doubt it will be ripe before the frost comes. Have a nice (gardening?) day on Monday and enjoy your week-end!

Philosophical Karen said...

That's a pretty picture for your post. Such a warm colour for a rose. Beautiful!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Anita, see todays post for the strawberries.
Karen the photo has captured the beauty/essence of the orange tea rose.They captivate me now..