Monday, October 09, 2006

Lavender Query?

Work is crazy as usual. Back up tomorrow at 5am! Will reply to all the comments after my early shift.
Can check out the little shop of horrors plant. My fuschia cuttings have keeled over. The seeds are not germinating..
Its been raining heavily and is cold. Maybe a frost tonight.Wander how cold it will be at 5am?
Pictured is Lavender fllowers.
When do you gardeners cut lavender back?In the Autumn after flowering or spring time after the winter?
Did your plants regrow with lots of vigour?I have seen one that has been cut back. Any answers gratefully received.More posts tomorrow!!


Jenn said...

If your winters are cold and wet, cut back in spring.

I'm in the States - Michigan, and we get temps below freezing for weeks at a time. I cut in spring.

I think if you don't get below freezing for long stretches, you can do the autumn cut (or if your plants are in a wind protected location)

(I have no idea how Yorkshire weather rates...)

Sisah said...

As lavender loves sandy soil,I have four different types of lavender meanwhile,as the area here is sandy . They call it the "M├Ąrkische Streusandb├╝chse" which is translated "grit box".
I love the scent of lavender. Pruning should be done right after flowering, if you don´t do that the plant gets straggly and might fall apart....which mine did last year when I forgot to do so.

Unknown said...

I hope you get some answers... mine will be large enough to trim back next year, so I would also like to know!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Jenn, Sisah, and Blackswamp girl.The lavender is still uncut.There is a trial on gardeners world of seeing if the time of cutting back makes any difference in the following years regrowth...