Monday, October 30, 2006

Splurge of colour

The colurful euphorbia flowers with the maddest colours like a watercolour, wet in wet wash!

The sun is shining and im going to work soon.I can admire many peoples gardens and dream of next years borders.

Tomorrow I want to buy some compost to move my seedlings into individual pots.I have to make a greenhouse upstairs with my over wintering plants.

This includes busy lizzies, pansys, and the hollyhocks.I want to start off some sweet pea's too..

The Euphorbia was called Splurge on the label, though it fits with the colourful flower bracts.They have turned from green to yellow to multicoloured.

Thanks UK Bob there still is a bit to look at in the garden, the pleasure is still there walking around with camera and seeing whats growing, or starting to sleep..

I read yesterday somewhere that only 3% of Blogs are updated daily.In the summer I managed it.How often should they be updated to be called current blogs?


Jenn said...

I strive for once a month, at least. I don't always acheive that goal!

Anonymous said...

That euphorbia is gorgeous! Another plant I don't have in my garden---another one for the wish list.

I know exactly what you mean about now having to admire other people's gardens and dream of next year. I've been lamenting the same thing on my blog. Someone told me winter will be over before we know it, and we'll be back to posting photos of spring flowers in no time. Let's hope so :-)

Anita said...

Your "Splurg" really has an interesting colour.
By the way, in my opinion, a blog does not need to be updated daily in order to be called a "current blog", don't you think so? Anyway, I'll try to keep mine running this winter, I alraedy have plenty of gardening topics in my mind ;-))

Philosophical Karen said...

I have three blogs that I try to keep up to date. I don't feel right if the gardening blog is not updated more than twice a week. It's slowing down now, but I am trying to think of things to blog about that people will still find interesting and related to gardens/gardening.

I just read in a book today that in the U.K. you call "compost" what North Americans call "potting soil". (When we think of compost, we think of the stuff made from old tea bags and grass clippings and such.)

Hmm, maybe that's another topic to blog about. ;-)

Kristen S. Boyesen said...

Hello to David from Cleveland, OH, USA!

I clicked on your blog as it randomly passed by in the newly updated list because I am an avid gardener. Very nice photos!!

I have been a blogger for exactly one week, and have entered four posts. I have one started for today, but as it is headed for midnight, I just may wait until tomorrow, as I have to look up some HTML.

I will visit again, and share some garden stories when I am not so sleepy.

Anonymous said...

Euphorbia shines such light around. It's a wonderful plant. I love the yellow glow Euphorbia gets. Not all of us can update our blogs daily. I'd say whenever a blogger puts life into it, then it is 'current'--varies with the individual blogger.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Jenn, i try to update a few times a week.As long as you update it regular then it is a live blog..
Colleen, other peoples gardens are looking ropey too, but some are still full of late flowers.I need to spread my flowering out from spring to late autumn!
Anita I loved the colour of the drying flower bracts.There is so much beauty in nature if you can see it..
Karen you are a star doing three blogs.must keep you busy.The compost is a general name for the potting soil, and the stuff i make from garden/kitchen waste is also compost.Crazy!thanks for dropping by..
Kristen, keep on blogging.I read about your roadtrip to the festival, and art stuff!

David (Snappy) said...

Judith thats is very philosophical the amount of life you put into a you think I do put life into it?
Your blog is full of humour, great prose, and photos (esp the dogs with the long noses).