Monday, October 23, 2006

Magpies and Stawberries

This is a photofit of the magpie I saw today flying around the rooftops with his soul mates.My mission is to get a close up photo when they come to my garden.There are bird feeders up and water for them.

I looked them up on the RSPB website( ) , the Royal Society for the protection of birds.

I think that the British generally love song birds and do not mind helping make their gardens bird friendy,They are like original free spirits, that give me enormous pleasure when they visit the garden, and hop around.Their songs are sweet and make you remember childhood memories.

I know the magpie has had a bad reputation but i think they look so regal.Their is a pair even within my hospitals grounds and i see them hopping along the grass with wings folded back, like old generals.

I want to photograph a strawberry nearly ripened.Angela from work gave me about fifteen strawberry plants, perpeptual strawberries hence the fruit in October.They are very juicy but she said they would be sweeter if they were in a greenhouse..

I hope next year to eat plenty of strawberries and cream, and to make home made strawberry jam.Yum yum!!

I was also reading about wild strawberries which I could plant along my hedgerow, a natural British fruiting plant..

The photo is on the left.mmmmmmm strawberry...

I have just brought in the self seeded tomato plant to see if it can over winter and see what tomato's it actually grows.The house is warm and the windowsill a good greenhouse effect.

I have four tomatos now ready for eating off my two experimental plants.They were both planted maybe six weeks later than they should have.The experiment worked you can grow tomatos from seeds obtained from store bought tomatos.The resulting toms were lovely, delicious and juicy, like their parent.

I have got some seeds from the tomato pictured earlier with the evil cat.I have a supply for growing them next year.Cant wait.I may do some experiment store tomato obtained seed versus proper tomato seeds from a reputable seed merchant.See which one produces the best fruit.

I want some onion seeds and kale so i can plant something in my veg patch because the weeds are loving the cleared soil.Sigh, they never sleep the weeds!!


Naturegirl said...

I have never seen a magpie and in searching the site you linked for us I now know why not. I hope YOU can attract them to your garden and we can then see your photo of them. I attract many birds to my garden as you have noticed in recent posts. Our BLUEJAY can be a bully at feeders chasing others away...I give them peanut treats to lure them away from the feeders. I tried growing strawberries this past summer in strawberry pots and it was successfull!looking forward to more next year.
I thank you for your brirthday greeting and generous comments
made at nature-trail! :)

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

Hi! I got your seeds yesterday, yahoo is giving me a hard time this morning, so thought I would send you a message here instead.
I'll plant some this week, and save some for the springtime as well.
Here's hopeing!!
Thanks so much for sending them, and for the lovely card! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Snappy - do try kale called Nero di Toscana or Cavellero Nero. They are fairly tall, with purpley/black blistered sword like leaves, look great in the veg or flower bed and taste great.

Anonymous said...

I love magpies.
We used to have them visit us when we lived in California.
They love peanuts! They would actually follow us when we walked around the neighborhood . . . hoping for more peanuts!

Janice said...

I came across your blog while searching for others who love gardening. I see you enjoy birds also, as I do! I look forward to reading some of your archives. We don't have magpies in our area (Oregon, USA), but a week ago, my husband and I took a road trip to the eastern part of our state and saw many there. They never would hold still enough for a photo though! :o) Nice blog!

David (Snappy) said...

Naturegirl I love photo's of birds, the USA has many species we dont have here.The magpie's have been flying around today on that house.Sallyanne spotted them for me.Love Strawberries too, good luck with next year.I hope to have loads.Loved all your birthday comments 37 when i checked, and i meant the comment too..
Salix tree, glad they arrived safely.I hope you can get them to grow.I need to collect more seeds too.I dont know if it will over winter my monarda.I love the flowers so hopefully they will be here next year..
I will try to get them John, thanks for the advice.The veg patch is just bare earth at the moment..
Becky glad you have them too.They are very cheeky, but im quite fond of them..
Thanks Flora, its always good to get new comments.Glad you enjoyed the blog.Hope you can go through the archives.There is rather a lot of it now.Im always hopeful of getting some bird photos but the garden birds are very shy.I really want a new camera with a zoom on it for closeups as its not possible to get too close.
Insects and flowers are quite accomodating for getting close for close up shots.Hope you come again!