Sunday, February 10, 2008

Paris Thoughts

A tough flower on the slowly resurecting Strawberry plant, a Strawberry Honeoye on Saturday morning. My cold frame lived up to its name as all the plants inside had frozen droplets on the leaves. Its cold outside tonight. There will be a frost tonight.
I am going to Paris in Three Days. Seventeen years have passed since I was there last.
The Hotel is located Five Minutes from Montmartre, where Toulouse Lautrec, and all the Famous Artists frequented in the late 19th Century. I wander if Paris remembers or does it have no Memorys?
I have vague memorys of there, just odd images and rememberences.
I was no Angel back then either, and my French was non existent. The Youth Hostel was grubby and Decaying. It took twenty four hours (coach, ferry, coach) to reach Paris last time.
Going back will be a chance to see it again with my new eyes, and take lots of photos. I have changed and I hope that Paris will still be beautiful. The Camera will photograph a few French gardens that are near the Centre of the city.
Now The Eurostar is a direct Train from London St Pancras to Gare Du Nord Paris through the Channel Tunnel. Two and a half hours.
French Gardens, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and Montmartre await me and Cat. I will look for the heart and soul of Paris, and try to photograph it.


Unknown said...

What a joyful thing to be doing! Have a terrrific time, and don't forget to take lots and lots of photos of Paris as YOU see it, not as the guidebooks say to see it.

kate said...

Thanks for answering the seashell/strawberry riddle. That makes perfect sense.

I am envious of you having the opportunity to visit Paris. I hope you take lots of pictures ... I imagine there will be some good gardens to see.

It's good to go back to places we have been to at a different point in our lives. It's a chance to reflect on how much we've changed.

Enjoy your holiday! It sounds as if it is far easier to get to France now.

Anonymous said...

Your strawberry Honeoye looks lovely. I hope Paris is everything you and Cat hope for......enjoy....

Georgina said...

Hey Bruv!

Guess what I'm going to gay Paree too in a few weeks (ok 4 weeks or something).

Now, when you & Cat come through Kings Cross, if it's a feasible time, I work 5 minutes walk away, so we could have a quick cwaffee. Let me know your travel times!

Sis x

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Jodi,I will take lots of photos as I see it. My own version of Paris and not the usual pictures!It will be great.
Thanks Kate,The post started with Strawberry but meandered to Paris.I did think about the changes since I was there last.Its always good to return to somewhere you have been before, to see the changes.
Getting there is soo much easier than before.
Hi Lynn,Im sure we will have a good time. Will look at your blog soon :)
Hey Jawsy,We only have an hour between the Train arriving and the Eurostar leaving.Text me if you want to meet up!
Take lots of photos when you go Jawsy.We can compare them!