Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Photo Mix

The two robins in the garden by the newly trimmed viburnum tinus. The red asparagus spears are growing on. Hope they grow so I can identify what they are.

The Head Gardener inspecting the newly light soil beneath the Viburnum.He flew down a few minutes after I went indoors. He likes the newly exposed branches where he can survey the garden in protective cover of the Viburnum leaves.

Crocus, Hellebore Niger, and Some white Heather are some of my late winter colour in the garden.

The Sparkly Cape Primrose flower inside the kitchen cabinet with the overhead lights to illuminate your wine glasses.

the Split plant in situ. I never noticed the flower spike for ages. I did not expect it to flower this early in the year. The glass front must maintain the temperature and the lights give the plant its energy needs.

The Late Winter flowering Polyanthus Blue shades. It looks more Purple to me, but the weather has been unkind to the developing flower buds. Lilac or Lavender coloured now.
I am off to Harlow Carr again tomorrow. I hope the weather holds. The camera batterys are charging now ready to photograph the plants, tree's, and flowers. It should be great!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

I love the robins in Europe. they are so sweet and delicate looking. Ours are BIG and sqwaky?loud ? .. hard to describe unless you have seen them ! haha
Nice pictures .. I wish I could see some of my soil !

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Joy,I hope you will be able to see your soil soon.I blogged before about American Robins and European ones, being totally different species but having the same common name.My garden robins are cheeky but fun, and make you smile when they sit on the fence watching everything you are doing.
Warm spring thoughts to you!