Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dawn Chorus

Three Garden bird photos for a Sunday morning before work. The Robin is in all three.The last one shows a coal tit flying off at speed with the Robin flying in.
The robin hops along the fence to take some seeds from the feeder. He was photographed with his beak full of seed.
Hope to photograph my first Crocuses tomorrow. The flower buds looked like rockets last night under the glow of the security light. Yellow and black rolled flower buds.
Enjoy your weekends wherever you are :)


Sue Swift said...

Somehow a garden's not a garden without a robin ...

Bob said...

Hi Snappy, Robins can be a bit bossy, I have one help me in the garden sometimes and he wants the whole veg plot to himself! Bob.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Sue,I look everyday that I am not off work to see if the Robin has visited the garden.And everyday he does, one day there were two Robins in the garden at the same time.They are so cheeky and sit on the fence looking at you, with their head cocked to one side.
Thanks UK Bob,I had one robin follow me at mums in cheltenham.As I dug the garden he was behind me by a few feet, saying dig more please!
I bet that robin thinks he controls you, and you are doing what he wants.They are great fun though, and very teritorial!