Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bee Colour Day

Sunday Rest is how I labelled the photos today. I only took about twenty pictures. I woke up late with a terrible headache, which even three mugs of coffee did not shift.
I went outside to see if sweeping the wind brought debris would help.
I moved a lot of the leaves and twigs into a pile at the bottom of the garden. They will eventually be thrown back into the compost bin.
The Yellow Primula flower is the sole survivor of the attacking insects. I spotted a small caterpillar on the flowers at night so I think they are the
culprits, as I have not seen any slugs or snails.
I think if I leave the Caterpillars they will change into beautiful Butterflys which are truly natures Spirits.
The Snails are being bashed by the birds on the pavers. I find the shells with holes in the side, as they have become a gastronomic delight for a hungary bird.
When I moved in there was a mini community on the Brickwork of the Outhouse. I think they have been ravaged by the birds and have moved slowly to places damp and shaded away from prying beaks.
In both borders the Blue Shades Polyanthus have flower buds on at last, which is good as the Primulas have been chomped on, and rotted by damp soil. As one flowering plant starts to end, another is just at the start of its flowering cycle.
I think the Red spears that are growing under the Viburnum might be Euphorbia. I will have to be patient to see what they grow into.
The Female Blackbird is one of my regular visitors now, feeding on the left hand border, and sitting on top of the fence.
She is tough and chases away all the boy Blackbirds out of her patch.
The benefit of the birds regularly visiting the garden is their natural pest control. I have been philosophical with the holes that are appearing in the Primula flowers and leaves.
C'est La Vie. I want the Garden to be Organic, a self supporting natural eco system. The mouse was back today darting out of the pavers to grab some nuts. He reminds me of Scratt from Ice Age. The mouse has more luck than Scratt though at gathering the nuts!
Sunday then was bee coloured. Yellow Primula, and Blackbird.


kate said...

You've got a great system working there, with the birds enjoying their feast of slugs.

I love hearing about the mouse, sneaking about gathering food.

And the yellow bloom of the Primula are cheering.

I hope your headache's improved. That is such a drag on a weekend!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kate,the headache improved after two paracetemol tablets.I love the birds coming into the garden, and their presence will keep the slugs and snails in check.The test will be summer full of vegetables, fruit, and flowers.I have been drawing two thirds of the garden tonight in my Journal.My random seed planted list and plans of the garden.
I loved the yellow flower, its almost rose like.It will probably be eaten though before long!
The mouse is cheeky but still like lightning sprinting back to his hiding hole!

Unknown said...

Primulas already...I could only wish. (ours are buried in ice and snow, of course.)
I'm a laissez-faire gardener regarding pests. Two years ago, we had a lot of viburnum leaf beetles, which were snacking voraciously on the highbush cranberry V. trilobum. I was considering breaking out the B.t. organic insecticide when a host of Bohemian waxwings relieved me of the problem by dining on the beetles. Later that same year, we had tussock moth caterpillars in huge numbers...but also monarch caterpillars. I told the trees they'd have to cope as I wasn't gonna spray. They coped just fine. Nature has a way of sorting things out if we're patient and don't jump to chemical warfare immediately, doesn't she?

David (Snappy) said...

Thats my hope Jodi that a natural ecosystem will balance out between predators and prey.I will try to tip the balance to the birds and ladybirds who I love to attract.I want all the fruit, vegetables, and flowers to be naturally grown without chemicals.Fingers crossed!
Nature normally sets up equilibrium between all the parties in an ecosystem.

OldRoses said...

Go organic!!!!!! My neighbors always have problems with Japanese beetles. I have many fewer cuz I have more birds eating the grubs. My neighbors spray and spray and complain and complain. I just keep putting out birdseed and planting gardens that attract birds.

David (Snappy) said...

Go Oldroses,Keep attracting the birds and you will have few Japanese beetles.A decision not to spray is a philosophical one. Bird attracting plants tend to be native plants that do well in their own environment!