Thursday, February 28, 2008

Febuary Colours

After a day in my own garden I thought I would try to capture the essence of Harlow Carr. The RHS's most northerly garden. A beautiful silver Birch sits opposite the main entrance. The blue sky and clouds are behind it. The woods of Harlow Carr are in the foreground.

Rose Revolution border in Febuary. They pretty much look like mine, planted bare root, and only a few leaves appearing now. The Robin was about two foot from the gardener inspecting the ground for bugs. The Perennials were all cut down to the ground. That left some lone grasses between the bare rose stems. Good for birds to eat though soil...

The Vegetable Garden. I loved their raised beds here. The only thing growing were some leeks and some parsley. I liked the arched frames with the willow between the metal. The sun was shining for a while.

A lovely combination of a Holly hedge under planted with Pink Flowering Cyclamen. It led to the Gardens Through Time display, and the Queen Mothers Lake.

A little Greenhouse had masses of Plants and I loved this Iris. Cool Blue with the White, yellow, and black colours. There were masses of Irises, Crocuses, Narcissus. Its like a plant holding bay before they get moved out. The view of the lake was perfect too.

How to get Winter colour.. Plant Dogwoods, and grasses. They were brightly coloured in the sunlight when it peeked from behind the clouds. I need to buy a few more dogwoods as I have one in the garden.

Some leaves glowing in the Sunlight, part of the gardens through time. I loved the architectural quality of the plants and the stone mulch below.

Some fluffy grass heads. These were so soft, and billowy in the gentle breeze. The curator of HC is a big fan I think of grasses. They are in use in the main borders, pathside borders, around the Queen Mothers Lake, and Streamside.

Still Waters echoing the Sky with the Trees, grasses, and plants around the Queen Mothers lake. Reflections where the Sky and Earth touch in the middle.

The First Dozen pictures of Harlow Carr. Colours, Light, and Water. There are two more posts to come tonight. I had a hard time choosing a few photos to blog, and ended up selecting thirty six images from yesterday. I loved the visit again. The weather and light have been different on every visit as has whats been in flower. It is a truly spectacular Garden. The garden of a thousand photos and views..
( I actually have taken now 1100 photos of Harlow Carr gardens.My camera button is a bit wobbly now from usage.)

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