Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Strawberry Plant and The Sea Shell?

The Top photo is of a slightly battered Stawberry Honeoye flower. I took the bare root plants out of each bag and had to soak the roots for five minutes before planting. The second photo is of a Sea shell I found in the Strawberry plant roots. Both the Strawberry Elsanta and Honeoye were cultivated in Holland.
I wandered how a sea shell ended up in the Strawberry root system. I also found out a likely answer. Any guesses how the Strawberry and Sea shell met?
Am working four nights now so posts will slow down. The Strawberry plants are chilling in the cosy cold frame at the moment. The sea shell is on the kitchen work surface.
I will add the Answer tomorrow!


kate said...

Hi Snappy,

Now that's a mystery to me ... I shall have to think about it. Strawberries - you are so lucky to be getting into planting mode.

I loved your photograph with your mouse ... what a little sweetie!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kate,The answer is two posts up the page.The mouse is very sweet but getting fatter by the day :)