Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kaladeiscope Of Paris

I have blogged fourteen images from Paris here. A Kaladeiscope of images that remind me of my trip.I think with the Light and Dark, Les Fleurs, and Historic building photos I have given a flavour of Paris.
This was the Chocolaterie just down a side street from the Champs Elysee. I was searching Paris looking for one. This one had two French ladys inside, and the Chocolates looked divine and smelt heavenly. I bought Praline and Nut in Dark Chocolate, and a white Chocolate Framboise for Cat. Five Chocs each, plus some sample from the Ladys.
If I lived nearer I would sample the Chocolates everyday, and buy the little boxes with ribbons you can get for them. I loved Chocolat by Joanne Harris so this place was straight from her pages. Maybe she found them irristible too whilst in France..

The Chocolaterie Window display saying look at me..Come in and try these wanderful flavoured chocolates. Yum!

A Cafe Creme in a black cup. The waiter smiled "are you photographing the table?" as I was looking at the photos I had taken through the viewfinder with my head down. I took this photo afterwards. One cup of coffee, of many.

In the Tulleries Gardens was this Statue the Tiger and the Crocodile. Im the Snappy Gardener and I was with Cat in Paris. I had to get Le Tigre et Le Crocodile for a photo.

Across the way from Notre Dame the Accordion monsieur playing traditional French tunes. I loved these squeeze boxes. How he could get a tune with his thick gloves on is beyond me.I walked all the way over to give him Euros and Say Tres Bien!

In the Ile De Cite I spotted these posters on the wall. I would have loved to have gone to these Concerts. String Quartets and the Second one were playing Vivaldi the Four seasons, and my all time favourite piece Pachabels Cannon in D.

The Cat who got the Cafe Creme... Cat modelling the enormous Coffee cups we got on the Ile De Cite Cafe. These were great to repel the cold weather and warm your insides up in a warm light Cafe.

Two Cats asleep in a Basket...Guess where they were sleeping?

...Inside the Pharmacy window of course. A French Lady stopped from her shopping and told us they sleep their Tout le Jour.. Everyday. They were beautiful Cats too, with shiny coats, and bright eyes. We tapped the window to see if they were alive. They sell fake animals here who look asleep and have a rising/falling chest to make you think they are alive.
These two were definitely alive. I wanted to ask for Deux Chats S'il vous plait in the Chemist!

Mopeds. They must be a good way of getting around the City of Lights if you do not have the money for a car. They were parked in every street, outside all the shops. A lot of the Car Parks were subterannean so There were more mopeds visible than cars.

The humble Bicycle. I loved the electronic bike locks with the lavender eye at the top of the post. They were opened and closed by using a card. I guess Paris wanted people to cycle about to reduce traffic, but wanted secure places to park the bikes.

The Guys playing the Concert on the Sacre Coeur steps with an audience of a few hundred people.

A Clown holding a puppet dancing to the music. I only noticed the Clown after we came back down from the Sacre Coeur.

The Last Kaladeiscope photo is from the Carousel. I love these horses, the lights on the carousel, and the music. They are timeless and make you about six years old again :)


lisa said...

Nice tour! I've never been anywhere in Europe...this was very fun to see!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lisa,I hope it captured some of Paris.The normal landmarks, but then the smaller things that attracted me like the birds, flowers, cats, and people.
It was fun photographing it, then choosing the best ones for the blog.