Monday, February 25, 2008

Collared Doves And Crocus Buds

Today was the first time I have seen these birds in my garden. The Collared Doves of the title.

The Collared Bandits were quick to spot a free meal, dont believe their collars that made them look like Ministers.

The Brown and Orange Crocus flower buds have grown over past few days.

The clock towards spring has been made to go faster. I love the dark and light colouring on the outside of the rocket like, flower buds. I will watch them for opening over the next few days.
Apart from the Collared doves the birds were very active today. The Robin was back again, and the Braver house sparrows running along the fence to get to the new feeder, blackbirds, Blue tits, coal tits (little grey Exocet missles. Take under two seconds to fly in grab a seed and fly into privet hedge), and a Bathing Great Tit which should be tomorrows post.
The Estate agent lady came to inspect the house. I might do her garden yet :) She lives close to me too..
It was a mildly cold day, slightly windy.I need to repair the back fence which was damaged by the high winds a few days ago. They took the empty houses back gate clean off and pulled my panels apart so the fence is leaning out towards the alleyway.
I think I will go shopping soon ready to make the African bag gardens up. No sign of the polythene vegetable bags yet..
Spring is coming soon.


Gardenista said...

You must be awfully exciting to be on the verge of a lush spring with your own yard to observe and enjoy. You seem to be really busy with that camera already! Have fun!

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Gardenista,Its the thought of Spring and mass seed sowing that keeps me going through the wind, rain, and cold.The sun is shining today however.I love the Camera recording the gardens progress.Thanks for your comment :)

Anonymous said...

hi snappy, love the doves dont see many of them, keep up the good gardening pics look forward to seeing more.