Saturday, February 02, 2008

Snow In The Morning

I woke up early this morning and came downstairs to see the Snow falling. It was freezing, but I love snow. There is a magic in how the white snow flakes once they settle give everything an ethereal glow. It brings into focus Trees and Shrubs which blend into the soil normally.
I took photos and watched it melt away. The birds were busy eating their hearty breakfasts to warm up. All the birds that visit look well fed, with bright feathers. The bird table and feeders have kept their fat reserves up.
I saw a house sparrow this morning before the sun was fully risen moving around the plants under the Viburnum.I think that this female house sparrow may be the mystery bather who splashes all the water out of the green bowl.
Inside lots of seeds are germinating. Poppies, Alternanthera, Basil, Cerinthe, Evening Primrose, and Heliotrope Marine.
The Mystery bulbs are in the top photo.There were about eighty of them in the soil beneath all the brambles and weeds. About twenty are planted just to see what they are.
There are more mystery bulbs in the big blue pot. One is a grape hyacinth, as the partially developed grape buds were uncovered by the rain.
There is also one more mystery plant which I dug up to investigate. It has a fleshy rhizome like wood that is putting up red bulbs around the Viburnum.I will blog it after this as a question to see if people recognise it. Is it a garden plant or a weed?
It will rain tomorow so I'm glad I got up early to enjoy the morning snow.


kate smudges said...

That's a good amount of snow to have - not too much, but enough to make everything look fine.

It is fun seeing the bulbs poking up from the snow ... you have lots happening in your garden!

Aiyana said...

The photo with the bird on the branch is just gorgeous. It has an ethereal quality to it that I find very appealing.

Anonymous said...

I love your snow covered photo's, the one of the snow falling is my fave.Hope your mouse wasn't too cold.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kate,I left a reply yesterday but it has dissapeared.The blogosphere is good for showing us different gardening zones and sharing our passion whatever the zonal conditions.I read in Sweden and places they cannot garden before April as the ground is frozen solid. They use other peoples blogs to keep their own fires burning untill they can get outside!The snow was temporary and melted away by the afternoon...
Thanks Aiyana,The photo to me captures the morning spirit.The blackbird sat on the snowy branches with the beautiful sky of a fresh sunrise.The solid black of the tree and bird, and rich airyness of the morning sky with blue/orange colours.Im glad you liked it :)
Hi Lynn,I see you have done more blog posts. The mouse was out n about today (Sunday) showing no signs of Cold!He was sleekit!