Thursday, February 28, 2008

Febuary Colours Second

From the Queen Mothers lake its a short walk into the Woods. The tree's have been here for years and some from when it was first made into an RHS garden. Hidden amongst the Tree's were the Jewel Like Rhodadendrons. I need to go back in a month to see the woods ablaze with them in flower. I spotted three early flowering Rhodies. The flower buds are like jewels and open up many cupped flowers. These were high in the air though. To smell the flower you needed to lower the branch a little. There are lots of different varieties here in their collection..

Some Narcissus were in Flower above the leaf covered floor of the woods. There were tens of thousands of Daffodils planted, not in Flower. Another reason to go back in a month..

Gods Fingers..Sun Rays came through the trees canopy and illuminated the floor. Making snowdrops start to flower, soon to be followed by Bluebells, and Daffodils.
You can appreciate the size difference between a Tree and the Snowdrop nestled under its barked trunk.

I wanted a Woods floor view of the Snowdrops.The floor was wet from previous rain so I crouched down.

Another Rhodadendron Flower, in soft petaled pink with the red centres. I had to go into the Trees away from the Path. The eyes were alert to flashes of colours that were not green or brown. Hil's thought there were not any in flower as we were too early.

I walked past this once on the way to make a coffee from a flask of hot water.I took the coffee, sugar,milk, and hot water. The red Rhodie from Earlier..

By the Study centre was this beautiful yellow Fir Tree. I think Yellow is a Winter/Spring colour of Daffodils, Narcissus, Forsythia..
Who said there'd be no colour at HC in Febuary?

Crocuses. All more advanced than my garden ones. These were planted under tree's, in this display by the study centre, and along the pathways. You had to watch your feet to make sure you were not trampling on any plants. Tread Lightly like the Birds I kept thinking..They come and go leaving where they have been unchanged. A Native American saying?

Snowdrops. These were planted along the Path that ran parallell to the Streamside. The Lake had a waterfall that Fed into the Stream. Harlow Beck.

Just one Photo of the Streamside. HC has the Longest streamside Garden of any public garden in the UK. I love flowing water, and the light reflecting off it.

Some unknown white flowers. The Heavy winds had reaked havoc the day before felling tree's, knocking birdboxes off, and benches blown over. Some parts were cordoned off. I wanted to see if the pigs were at the top of the Valley, the 3000 new trees planted for trees for life, and the new Bird hide. Maybe next time..

The Last image of this second post is the Metal Flower, like a daisy. It reflects the Light and Sky. Throughout HC there was metal sculptures, Mesh figures filled with leaves (like the Bear hugging the tree, and the Teapot.) Giant Flys, Butterflys, and Birds stand in borders and by pathways.
I liked the Giant spade with the Bird sat on top of it overlooking the streamside. I saw a sundial by a bench, and a black statue of a little boy holding a duckling..
One more post to go about HC! Hope its okay for you all!

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