Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Harlow Carr Prelude

Two opening images from Harlow Carr. I think its one of my most popular tags on the blog. The photo album is marked Harlow Carr 4.
I have been dying to go back, and today Hil's drove me there with Cat, and we met her parents at Harlow. The BBC forecast sunshine, light westerly winds, and sunshine. It was cloudy and rained a bit, but the sun occasionally shone through.
I went on ahead of the others to get walking around my Favourite RHS garden.
I love the Valley, the exposed site, the boggy ground and chilly temperatures, the Beck that runs through the centre of the Valley into the lake, and the woodlands that run across half of it. There is so much to see. Many paths lead around corners to new areas and plants not seen before, or newly added. Not as many flowers as in the height of summer but enough for me to take 235 photos!
The First shows the Wuthering heights type weather, sunshine, then dark rain clouds. This illuminated the plants and tree's.
The Second shows the terraced bed by the main entrance, masses of brightly coloured Heathers and my favourite metal bird sculpture. I found a lot of Art today surrounded by the Gardens plants, shrubs, grasses, and tree's.
I want to go back in a month or so to catch the full Springtime flower show of masses of bulbs, Rhodadendrons, and Magnolias.
I found a suprising amount of colour today. Hils took five photos. I took over two hundred.I had dirty knees from kneeling down to get a plants eyed view.
Every visit is like a new painting, with the strong structures being the Frame.The Winter garden is still as beautiful, but in a different way from the fireworks of Summer.
More posts tomorrow after a good nights sleep. I need to choose which photos to blog...


Anonymous said...

Hi David. The top picture is exquisite. I didn't think the sky was that forboding - very wuthering heights!! I enjoyed my day there with you.Would love to go back again one day. It is very contagious and I can see now why it excites you so much.

Unknown said...

I'm just getting caught up... have been working 70+ hours at work since mid-December, so I missed out on all of this fun! I'm voting for your mystery "red asparagus" to be a peony... but that might be wishful thinking. :)

Angela said...

WOW ... I love your sky photograph. Sounds like you had a wonderful day at Harlow Carr. A thought on your red asparagus spears - could be similar to how my Dicentra's are currently looking ... will be watching with interest to see what they become

Anonymous said...

hi snappy just to say your pictures are great, of harlow carr.
hope you get to go back soon.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Cat!it just shows how I can see things differently with my unique vision!
Hi Kim,Its good to hear from you on the comment.Too much work!You need some quality garden rest time now!
I think the Red spears are Peony too, as we saw them in Hampsons!
Thanks Angela,It is always fabulous at Harlow Carr.I have been in the rain and in the sunshine.this time it was cold brrr.I always come back with happy memories and a few photos :)
Anonymous,I hope to come back soon too.