Friday, February 08, 2008

The Garden Today

I over slept yesterday and had to go to work so Thursday was postless!
My Herbs from Suttons came yesterday but I only opened the box this morning.
They are sat on the computer desk now.i will do some seed sowing on Saturday after my nights have finished.
There are Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Mint, Coriander, and lastly Borage. I have three pots with Basil growing in the kitchen. Three Parsley plants in the right hand border, and three further pots of germinating seeds. They were soaked in boiling water and it seems to have speeded up the germination.
The right hand border has the new green edging keeping the soil in, and waiting for more compost to raise the soil level. It will help the drainage and make for healthier plants.
I have a few weeks before the Veg seeds can be sown. The cold frame cabbages have germinated, and even a few baby carrot seeds have grown.
I'm still waiting for the seed potatoes with grow bags, and large Vegetable grow bags which had sold out when i ordered. They were advertised in Gardeners World magazine. Must be an organic vegetable growing year, as lots of people had ordered them.
The African Bag gardens still need constructing, then decorating. My planting plan has named each veg garden by colour. There will be four. Purple, Blue, Yellow, and Orange. I will decorate each of the container gardens to reflect their colour!
The seed potatoes can be started indoors then moved outside when its warmer. I hope the kitchen garden can be productive and I can actually start the 100 foot challenge!


kate said...

Hi Snappy,

I like the idea of decorating the container gardens to reflect their colour. What exactly are the bag gardens? I haven't heard of these beforeo.

David (Snappy) said...

Hi Kate, The Bag gardens are either going to be Hessian sack filled with soil and a central stone column, or Polythene rectangular bags filled with Compost.
Its for people who want to grow Veg but not have a Veg patch, or whos garden is too small or just patio with no soil.They will be on the Paving Slabs, but will be raised beds that are mobile.After the growing year they can be emptied and folded up to over winter.
I think the Decorating will be with paint or textiles to make them more colourful.
It will be easier to photograph them when they are in situ.