Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bathing Bird Yesterday

I wandered what was bathing in the sunken green bowl by the Viburnum. The Third photo shows the bathing Bird sat in the water. He seems to be jumping in and out of the water.The Viburnum had a trim today to make it smaller for the small garden. The birds were out in force afterwards exploring my handywork, where bare branches are now visible at the base. Its so windy again that the fence has been rattling. I repaired the back fence and then a gust of wind ripped the side fence apart again.Sigh :)
I think the fencing is as old as the Ghostly gardener who originally planted the Viburnum, Geraniums, and the mystery bulbs.
My seed potatoes came yesterday from Marshalls with the rectangular grow bags. Fran will have one bag and the three baby seed potatoes. I have six sat in an egg box chitting now. They can be started off in the kitchen then moved outside when it warms up. They are early growing pot's so should have them in ten weeks from planting...
Todays photos are still to come of Robins, Polyanthus, and Cape Primroses...

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