Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Les Fleurs 1

These next two posts are about the Tree's, plants, and flowers I photographed in Paris. If the city was a grande Damme then the flowers would be the ornate jewellry used to highlight her beauty. Even in cold, foggy Febuary the Parisians used plants to decorate. Here are the trees along the River Seine. Gorgeous silver Birch trees too..

The Clipped Topiary of the Tulleries gardens. I love the straight line effecct of the planting. I stood to the side to get the longer view of them. The French Royal Gardens like lines, and neatly clipped box hedges. The Louvre had masses of hedges, some poor gardener must have to clip them several times a year to maintain their shape.

Lilac Coloured Crocus with egg yolk centres were growing in the grass in the Tullerie gardens. They were planning on mass planting I think as I saw the gardeners at work further along.

Mass planting of Lavender plants. The Foreman asked me in french do you work for a magazine as I worked out a good angle. I love the shadowing to the left of the plants. These will smell and look divine in the summer. They were adding extra organic matter and turning the soil over before planting.

A multicoloured box hedge shaped like a spiral with the massed Lavender behind the spiral. Behind the garden is rows of green chairs, not benches, for sitting down and watching the people, the gardeners, the birds, and the water fountains. There were lots of Sculptures throughout the gardens. I loved the Tiger and Crocodile. They were mostly classical statues of Nymphs, great Leaders, and Idealised Women. One was dated 1722, and left in the middle of the Gardens. Not collecting dust in a Museum somewhere. The historical art is on public display, being passed by thousands of people every day.

Flowers in suprising places. These Violas and Wall Flowers were planted on the Champs Elysee. Raised Borders with log posts driven into the ground. Maybe as support for climbing plants? You can see the Pedestrians and Cars behind the plants. This was one of the busiest parts of Paris.

Plants on a boat, moored on the edge of the river Seine. How lovely to see a house boat with live plants growing.

Ornamental Cabbages? Growing at the Base of the Eiffel Tower. I loved the feathery effect of these plants, mass planted. They are unusual looking.

More unusual places to find a Tree. This was the corner of a balcony seven storeys above the Rue De Dunquerque. I was amazed to see it. Its very exposed and Windy. Bring the plants up to your window no matter how high in the air you are.

A Geranium in a planting box across from the Hotel.I leaned out of the window to photograph this. The pink and green contrast to the Black planter box, and the White Shutters and window frames. A lot of Parisians seemed to have pots or planters outside their windows. You could look out and see some nature without venturing too far. After a year without a garden I know how it is to yearn for some soil to plant seeds in, and to nurture plants. A green spirit runs through the heart of Paris.

Some Flowers in the Patisserie. I dont know if they were real, but the colours are vibrant and lead the eye into the shop. I saw plants in Offices, Travel Agents, Restaurants (lots were outside too in planters), cafe's, and places of work.

The Beautiful White Flowers of an unknown tree. i love the White simple flowers, contrasting to the Houses behind with the Black metalwork and white stonework. A suggestion that Spring may be near.


Anonymous said...

i love the second to the last picture, those flowers are gorgeous.

David (Snappy) said...

thanks theysay...

lisa said...

Paris in near-spring...lovely.