Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lilac Tree Buds

I am working all weekend, two long days. Here is the Lilac Tree buds yesterday thinking about opening. The strong gusts of wind stopped by last night, as though someone had switched them off.
The birds will keep an eye on my garden, and the bird seed when I'm out today and tomorrow. Enjoy your weekends wherver you are.


Anonymous said...

Hi David. I cant believe you managed to do a blog post before starting work this morning. I wouldnt have the patience before work. i guess thats what i love about you - your passion and devotion to the things you love.Hope you have a good weekend and see you again very soon.

Sue Swift said...

You're so lucky to have lilac. they grew in my grandparents' garden and I've always wanted them in mine.

Anonymous said...

Dark mornings and me don't go together....a bit of SAD maybe...look forward to seeing the buds when they open

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Cat,I dont always post at 630am or before!Just sometimes :)
Thanks Sue,My original idea came from my Nans twin sister Hazel, who has a large Lilac tree in her garden.I always want one Syringa in the garden.This one is in a pot so if I move it will come with me.I hope it flowers but they can be slow growers to flower.Maybe one day Sue you will have your Lilac tree!
Hi Lynn,The mornings are getting lighter earlier so you should feel better soon.I cant wait for the buds either..

jeff-nhn said...

Lilac bushes are a favorite of mine. We don't have any in our yard because space will not allow. I remember each spring walking out of our front door on the farm and mom's lilac bushes would be in bloom. She loved lilacs, when in bloom we had them sitting in a vase on our kitchen table. They say smells bring back memories; well lilacs always make me think of my mother.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Jeff,My Lilac has started the spring process of opening the red buds exposing the green leaves.I hope it can flower and try to fragrance the room with a cut sprig in a vase.I love floral memories that makes us remember.
My nans sister said I used to stand in front of a Lilac tree when i was 3 or 4, just contemplating it.I dont remeber that but I have the affinity for Lilac trees.
Thanks for sharing your memories :)