Sunday, February 17, 2008

Light And Dark

Paris had many sides to her. The beautiful buildings, people who were visiting and those who lived or worked there. The Mist hung around but the sun began to shine on Wednesday and Thursday. Sunlight cascaded down giving a fresh light to the City.
This is Outside the Sacre Coeur. The sunlight was illuminating the stained glass windows so the multi colours danced on the inner churches columns. The dance of colours!

The River Seine that runs through the heart of Paris was reflecting the suns rays, and looking like shoals of silvery fish rushing to the surface.

A small lake in the Gardens of Tulleries had these grass reeds protuding from the rippling waters. Water is great to show light and reflections.

The Eiffel Tower was made to be a silhouette by the Strong sunlight falling onto the river as we walked towards it. The trees and bridges were frames for the magical river Seine.

The almost still waters of a moving fountain in the Tullerie gardens that run from the Louvre along to the Luxor Needle and Champs Elysee. The Ducks swam around between the projectile fountains that sprayed water forward and upwards like a water cannon.

A Bridge and Boat on the River Seine with the Sunlight touching the running waters surface.

After an Hour in the Cold freezing to get up it this was the Sun setting on Valentines day from the observation deck. The orange glow mixes with the lingering mists as the Daylight fades on Paris for another day.

A riverboat turns its lights on, like a giant firefly that patrols up and down the Seine. Will-O-Wisp lights that reflect on the dark night waters.

The Citys traffic starts its daily commute back to their homes. The bridges and buildings begin to turn their lights on. Buildings had lights that were facing skywards to illuminate the facades in colours of white, oranges, and Blues. Neon lights adorn shop fronts and metro stations. Even the Advertisements had lights in them.

The Nickname for Paris is the City of Lights. This was my attempt to capture some of the lighting in Paris as the darkness came.

The Base of the Eiffel Tower showing its intricate yet strong structure. Funny men were walking about with flourescent green models of the tower. They were selling key rings however not the cool green glow in the dark models. Even they took part in the night lights of Paris.

One of my Best Photos of Paris. It is full sized and not shrunk. The lit tower had beams of light but 300 metres higher the Mist was still lingering. The white beams do their best to penetrate the Fog. The Black and Gold is magical on Valentines day.

The Metro at Gare Du Nord showing the Flaming red eyes and more lights. The two sides of Paris. The light and the dark.


kate smudges said...


You have quite the talent with the camera. I really liked the photograph of the reeds in the Tuileries.

I really liked your photograph of the Tour d'Eiffel ... all that black and gold. It was beautiful!

Angela said...

Just wanted to write a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed viewing the photo's from your Paris trip, it looks absolutely beautiful. I've been to France but never Paris, love to go one day. I have been reading your blog for some time now and wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to do something with my rather sorry excuse for a garden and also to start a blog about the progress.
Have a great day !

Anonymous said...

Love your photos David especially of the Tower.

Anonymous said...

love your photos david, especially of all the flowers.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Kate Smudges,That black and gold Eiffel tower is one of my Fav's.They are all good and add to the whole effect.I'm glad you liked the reeds in the Tulleries gardens.
Thanks Angela :) Its always good to know my writing and photos have moved people.I left a comment on your blog too.The ground here is frozen solid with frost and funny snow.Its minus three tonight!
Thanks Lynn,Will see you sometime I hope.I have something for you from Paris!
Hi Anonymous,glad you like them.

lisa said...

Great pics, Snappy! I feel like I was there!