Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Les Fleurs 2

The first flowers I photographed were some Daffodils in the next balcony along from our hotel room. It had a narrow balcony high above the street.I leaned out and saw a flash of yellow. They were growing in a windowbox. Very William Wordsworth I thought.

Some Pansys with Happy Faces growing on the Butte Montmartre on the way up to the Sacre Coeur. The Sun shone and made them glow with their yellow/burgundy faces.

A random window in a Paris side street. I loved the grass and Ivy growing over the planter box. A simple arrangement but perfectly centred between the shutters. This is the Parisian garden for me. The displays outside peoples houses reflect their sensibilities and green fingers..

The City of Love as well as Lights, Two Roses from the first nights Meal. Blood red, and Pure white. These have travelled back and I am looking after them now.

The Ile De Cite flower market was selling this esquisite Witchazel for 78 Euros (about £68). It smelt divine too. I want one of these for next years Winter.

A bicolour Camelia at the flower market. I love the colours. Its like a Strawberry/Vanilla ice cream mixture swirling colours.

Outside Notre Dame this bed of Daffodils were nodding in the wind, being sung to by the man with the Accordion across the pathways. The sun illiminated the Yellow flowers. Paris in the Late winter..
Beautiful Flower!

An Albino pidgeon amongst the Violas and Wall Flowers. Another of Notre Dames resident birds.

This flower is smiling almost. These have garden spirits in them! Outside Notre Dame.

Tree's. Millions of them all over Paris, All bare but quite structural in their straight lines. I want to go back when its summer and they are dressed in their best finery. Then again in Autumn to see them change colours. Trees planted like this draw you to walk along them, amongst shaded paths. Pleasure Trees!

Some Narcissus, that look like Yellow Angels..

A Huge Camelia bush was in flower outside the Walls of Notre Dame. It was covered in Flower buds and open ones. Hope my gardens Camelia flowers as well as this. It was maybe Eight foot high, growing behind some wrought iron railings.

The Last Fleurs photo. Trees and Ivy cover the walls that keep the river Seine in its same course. I liked the colours here of the Reds and Greens.
All thats left from Paris now is a selection of my photos that do not fit into the previous categories. I have worked two night shifts since I came back.
The weather here has been freezing and the soil is frozen solid. I will blog the images of Paris from my Trip then return to the garden photos.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

You got some great pictures on your trip. I enjoyed looking through them.

Witch Hazel is very expensive here but worth it.

earlysnowdrop said...

Nice trip! Nice photos. I am thinking that great minds think alike...Just yesterday I posted Wordsworth's poem with some spring bulbs on my blog!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Chris.It was a large specimin plant though, maybe double what they sell here. The flowers are magic and can strongly fragrance a room with one cut twig.
They looked magic in the cold winter sun outside the metro exit.