Monday, February 04, 2008

Lavender, and Strawberrys

The house mouse today grabbing some birdseed.I was stood outside today and he still ran backwards and forwards. Under the Stone paver three smooth grooves showed his favourite routes onto the border. He is a Yorkshire mining mouse emerging from clay soil under the slabs.
I went shopping today thinking of log roll for the right hand border to raise the soil level and keep it in the border, and not on the pavers.
I could not believe how expensive it would have been to buy 22.5 feet of logroll!
I left Focus with two lavender plants for £5....
Next stop was Wilkos. I bought a rolled up green lawn edging, because it was nine metres long, more than enough for the 22.5 feet I needed to edge the border. I thought it could be hammered into the soil. I bought a cute garden sign, and three packets of Strawberry plants.
I spent late afternoon putting in the green edging around the right hand border now like a backwards C shape. I planted the newly started Herb garden with the Lavender, Rosemary, and three heirloom (as they were here before) Parsley plants. I ordered more seeds last night for growing a variety of Kitchen herbs for cooking.
I lastly planted eight Strawberry plants into pots temporarily. One packet only had two plants not three. I have five pots of Strawberry Elsanta, and three of Strawberry Honeoye (Wilkos spelled it Honeyoye). They are chilling in the cold frame. Where to grow them is my next question? The Victorian Chimney pot I looked at online has 32 spaces! I only have Eight Plants at the moment so its too big for me.
The green Edging was not as easy to go into the ground as I thought, because it was quite pliable material. I dug mini trenches but it still needs further pushing down I think or the Soil raising more!
The mouse will have to find a new way into the right border though as his access now has green edging to it.
It is so bright compared to the muddy tiles that were there before. I want plants to grow tall so they overlook the new border edging. I still have some white wire fencing but I dont know where to put that yet so its in the outhouse.
I hope I will get used to my Green edging in time, and with luck the mouse will find a new way (under the fence which is full of holes at the base) to get the seeds!
The Kitchen Garden is beginning to take shape slowly.


clairesgarden said...

hopefully the mouse will not take to eating all the seeds and bulbs you plant in the garden!!

David (Snappy) said...

hi Claire I hope he does not get peckish too.He has only been interested so far in the bird food :)