Thursday, February 28, 2008

Febuary Colours Third

Just down from the Main Entrance Path was a viewing Area. Two benches and this gorgeously ornate Sundial. I like the weathered look, and the design on it. Another coffee was made her.It had views of the Woods, the Main Borders, The Entrance, and Bettys Tea rooms.

The Main Borders were sparse as the Summer planting was a lot of Grasses and Perennials. Old friends like Giant Aliums, Verbena Bonarensis, Rudbeckia. The post painting with flowers show how brilliant they looked. The grasses and perennials had been cut to the ground. They are asleep under the soil. A few clipped topiary box and carex grasses were all that were visible. New plant labels were stuck in the ground, and their tulips were developing leaves. I will see in a month what has grown here. It was very wind swept and bare. Greens and Browns abound.

Some plants were left to overwinter. They have interesting shapes, textures, and colours. I know some people leave plants to decay so frosts and snows can make architectural elements in an otherwise barren garden. Something to remind you the sun did shine once, and that Spring is approaching. This was a Silver leaved Sage plant I think.

Birds flew around Harlow Carr singing away. This Robin must be related to my cheeky garden one. He sat on the Russet leaved hedge singing away oblivious to me walking around to get his photo. His feathers are ruffled a bit trying to keep warm.I seem to attract birds when I go anywhere, even walking to work.

A Mahonia in Flower. I had only sen Mums poorly specimin in Cheltenham.I never realised they flowered :)

These were in a display between the Outside Cafe and the Scented garden. They are a funny version of a Bluebell, a Scilla of somekind? The white/blue flowers are lovely against the bright green leaves.

The Sky and the Tree's took it in turn to dominate the view. The Light and Dark are almost Paris like.

A Cherry Blossom tree, some kind of Prunus. I love thes Flowers against the backdrop of other bare tree's. I would like one of these in a container in my garden. A visit to someone elses garden can inspire you, and make your wish list of plants/trees/statues grow longer.I always find something that excites me. Cat looked through my photos and commented you have a unique view of things, meaning what I had chosen to photograph.I have never analysed it much my subject matters for blog posts.

More Febuary Colour in the Foliage garden, a Yellow and Green tree glowing in the Sunlight.I think these colours remind us of Spring and Summer Sunshine. They stand out in a day of black, muted greens, and browns.
The Little Boy and the Duckling. I saw a black outline looking down the main borders to the left side. It is bipassed as people head for the terraced beds or to the Rose revolution borders. Quiet planting with a small stream running towards the Beck. Its quite Symbolic of how much we hold nature in our hands. I had not seen it before either..

Winter Colours illuminate the Winding Path. I love paths in gardens, especially twisty ones that lead to new scenes and plants. The Dogwoods are spectacular when planted en masse. There was colour in Febuary but you had to look for it. When you found it it was Iris like, many colours of the rainbow. The Thirty Sixth and Final image from yesterday. Cats Mum bought these spectacular Primulas for their front window border. The Rainbow colours of HC must have inspired them to buy these ten plants.
I actually had a garden to buy for yesterday :)
Snappy went home with a Catnip Six Giant Hills, two Teasel plants to hopefully entice the Goldfinches down, a Valerian plant for the butterfly/cottage garden, and three bunches of Daffodils for the Front room. Hil's bought me a milk chocolate mouse too.My usual purchase from Bettys Tea room.
My garden was a busy place today. Tomorrows post will be about today!


Anonymous said...

Hi david. you have an eye for taking good pictures without seeming to think about it. i am so envious of your ability to capture the moment.i have got used to walking along with you and then, to find you've stopped somewhere along the way and are crouched down taking a photo and that i am talking to myself lol.keep up the good work. see you at work tonight.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Cat,I am replying to this on the fourth of March and you are in hospital still :(
Hope you are able to read my reply once you are better.I have a gardeners heart, and a photographic eye.I do like photos that tell a story or illustrate my prose!